Cant find Membot?

been reading about Membot feature.
i’m a premium member but i cannot find membot anyehere on either the web login or on the android app.
(english speaker learning italian)


I’m having the same problem. Can’t find membot anywhere on web or android app.

Same here. I´ve tried on the app for IOS (properly updated) and on web. Nothing

apparently it’s not yet available for all languages.
(i’m learning italian)

The MemBot is currently not available to all users, which we are working on as quick as we can
Hopefully by early next week we will have it on all languages, but the other limitation is you have to be on the Early Access version of Memrise which older users will not be. We are working as fast as we can to make it available to older users by rounding off bugs that affect the users who go from classic to early access.
If you’d like to try the membot in the meantime you can try this demo mission in Spanish Memrise

Good luck, James_g and God speed! It has been frusterating being a legacy user, stuck without this feature, whilst my wife who subscribed one month later has it. It is a really cool addition to the platform and I am excited to try it some time soon!