Can't download any of my courses on my Android Phone

(Nomiswerdna) #21

Please please please Memrise Team, find us a resolution.
We could do so much more learning with offline access. :+1:

(Nomiswerdna) #22

Yay! Fixed with today’s update! Thank you!

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #23

Fixed for me too with the latest update. Thanks Memrise.

(Mthierst) #24

I second (third?) that - the new version fixes what was broken 2 or 3 updates back for me

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #25

from the 23 Japanese courses I am studying there are 2 courses that refuse to download. I did log out then back in with the latest Memrise version but still the same. v.2.94._7993_memrise

(Memrise Matty) #26

Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I do not have a solution to this issue at this time. It’s likely due to the fact these are community created courses.

If you subscribed to Memrise Pro and cannot use Offline Mode, and would like a refund or to cancel your Memrise subscription, please let me know.

I hope this helps.


'Download problem' on some courses not others (iOS)
(Nkirkby) #27

Hello @MemriseMatty,
I’m also having this issue with the HSK 5 course.
My device is Android, 50GB of free space.
app version 2.94_8067

Visually, the progress indicator gets to about 10% before failing with “Download problem
Please check your network connection and try again”

Does memrise store debug logs? I’d like to better understand what the problem is. I’ve tried a couple different WiFi connections which work fine for all other purposes.

I was previously able to download HSK 3, albeit after uninstalling and reinstalling .

(Airdramon) #28

Do community created courses not download over offline mode?
I guess I probably won’t upgrade then.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #29

Most community courses do download without any problems, but there are some that start to download then stop and completely refuse. According to @MemriseMatty we are left without any support for these which I find very annoying. :rage:

(Furqanmk) #30

Same problem here. I paid for the pro version to use the app in offline mode and that is exactly what isn’t working. Tried contacting support but they haven’t responded.

(Philippe Rodrigues55) #31

THe only reason I decided to become a pro in Memrise was to be able to study offline! But the download does not work! If this continues I’m going to have to ask for a refund. There are many other programs online, the offline option was the real seller for me