Can't change word order/move words

TLDR: Can’t move words in a level to a higher/lower position. Troubling for large levels.

Hello, I posted this before and put it aside for a couple months but looks like it’s still here.
When in a course’s word list, I am unable to grab a word and drag it into a higher position in a level.

Why is this important? In chinese, some of my levels have hundreds of items, and along the way of learning 5-10 words a day, I realize that I forgot to learn a root character of a more complex character, so I add the more basic character and drag it into a higher position to learn first.

Currently, I get around this by adding the needed character to a level I already have completed. Since it’s the only unlearned character there, I can directly learn it rather than first learn hundreds of characters to get to it.

Another way I could solve this issue, is to ignore all characters in a level except for the new character. The problem with this is in another sort of “bug”, which is, if you ignore a character, then unignore it, and then learn it, when the learning session starts it will directly begin quizzing on the word rather than first introducing it and allowing one to learn it.

Another separate thing i’ve thrown around to memrise staff before but wasn’t replied to is that, since the current learning options allow increments of 5 words up to 20, perhaps a plan could be implemented as a free scrolling number 1-20 for words allowed to learn.

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Dragging words around inside a level works perfectly fine for me, and I do it all the time, so it’s not the feature itself that’s broken.

What browser, version, os, etc. are you using? Are you using any user scripts?

PS. If you’ve posted about it on the forum before, please include a link (or better yet, next time, use the same thread :))

Also, what specifically do you mean by “can’t”? What are you doing that doesn’t work?

When you place your mouse over a line in the Editing Levels mode, do you see two symbols to the left, one with three vertical bars and one with an X? If you see the symbols, and place your mouse over the three bars symbol, does the cursor change to cross arrows? Does the word move when you drag while seeing the cross arrows symbol?

Has it ever worked for you in the past, or has it never worked for you at all?

Regarding other separate issues, I’d strongly recommend to only tackle one issue in one thread, to make life easier for everyone :slight_smile: .

Hi @hannepande , thanks for the replies.
I’m running Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 without any scripts on Sierra and a different version on my work computer which I don’t have access to at the moment.

I actually frequently used the feature as well, and on the same computers, that’s why it stood out to me when it stopped.
I just tried it and got it to work, but not very consistently. Now that i’ve looked at it closer I’ll describe it.
The problem is that, when grabbing a word with the cursor, the word itself will drag, but other words don’t seem to be “moving out of the way” to allow an opening for it. When I release the new word in its new position, it goes back to its old position (which is frequently the end of the list as i’m adding new words, despite this though it is doing the same thing with words that are anywhere else in the list).

When I had this problem a month or so ago, the words were moving out of the way, but when I released it, it went back to it’s prior position. Currently it seems that when the words move, I can reposition it, but the words do not always move out of the way for the selected word.


Would creating a new level for these items/characters help? A special level where you can add what you want to it, without having to faff around with the other levels.

I have one at the end of my course for adding mems. Assuming that the item is already in the database, I can add the item to the level (so it’s basically a copy of the entry that appears on another level already), add my mem and then delete the copy when I’ve finished. You should be able to do the same to learn an item.

Just be aware that adding new entries (i.e. not in the database already) and then deleting them will mess up the course’s word count!


HI @Wuxian,

Thanks for providing the details. Now at least someone with inside knowledge of the system has a chance of investigating it - with the very little information you gave at first, they had no chance of that ;). Or perhaps other Chrome users have seen something similar…
If you begin to see a pattern in the inconsistent working you have now, don’t forget to post back about it :).

I would hate to lose the ability to rearrange words myself, so I feel your pain, and hope it gets resolved, but there’s nothing more I can do now.

Nope. Not here. I’m using Chrome Version 62.0.3202.62 and I can move items around ok as usual. Just wondering if Wuxian’s problem could be Mac/Sierra-related? I’m no expert.

Maybe @BeaTrisy could offer a view?

I hope a fix can be found. Good luck!

"Have you ever tried to move a word from 100th line to the first, in your word list? On my computer, it is not possible to carry the word to the top in one attempt. While I am using the Mouse to carry the Word, the scroll-up line on the right side of the screen does not move by itself. I have to drop the Word somewher, then click on the scroll-up, move the screen so that I can see the upper lines where I can leave the Word that I want to carry upwards. I have to repeat this many times, until I reach the top of the screen. " I had written this and the system found your topic. So, it is still the same problem with decks as well.

That also happens to me once in a while for no apparent reason on Chrome and in Safari.
Most of the times, I am able to move the word but it can get very frustrating when one wants to add new words and move them up the list.
The cure for me? Try again at a later time - it seems to be a bug with Memrise.

My suggestion would be to spread words over levels with i. e. 10-20 words each. This way you can also easily move them from bottom to top. Also, you can much better focus on a smaller set of words to repeat/review.