Can't Cancel Pro Membership

I am unable to cancel my pro membership (I have tried in two different browsers on two different devices), which I am doing as a direct response to the forthcoming removal of the Community Courses. I find the timing of this bug interesting for one of two possible reasons.

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I’ll need to figure this out, too - I presume cancelling the recurring payment should do the trick, even if you cannot do so via the website?

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I just tried again with no luck. I want to be sure that the cancellation is effective as of this month (rather than having it just taper off as adjusting payment method would achieve) so that I’m a tiny part of making it clear to anyone invested in this company that the wave of cancellations was for this reason. Due to the timing, I find it extremely difficult to believe it is accidental that we are being prevented from cancelling pro. My guesses would be either bottlenecking the cancellations so it’s not so obvious why that revenue was lost (or in the hopes that people just get bored and distracted and forget to do it, or come back later when it can get drowned out by the other comings and goings of subscribers), or that they’re just getting too many cancellations to keep up. Either way makes them look pretty bad, though.


I realize that sounds a bit insane, but this is in line with behavior we have seen in the past.

entirely true, of course. and the broken cancellation facility comes at the same time that the link to the community courses got changed, so all the migration tools won’t work anymore…



They seem to have so little time for conventional, expected behavior, but recently I learned they had time to code the forum to prevent someone from starting a thread about a class action suit or a mass arbitration action. Hmm.

Where did you get this information?

By trying to start such a thread!

You can try the Memrise subreddit for this purpose Reddit - Dive into anything
It is more active than this forum anyway, and I remember seeing some suggestions recently to use the GDPR for a probable lawsuit (although I can’t find them now for some reason).

… and due to the fact that this forum may be extinct any time soon, continuing any discussion elsewhere is probably key.


So, were you eventually able to cancel your subscription?

Or is this yet another case of the English acting English?

(Yeah, yeah, I know there might actually be some decent English people, but it seems the most conniving try to hide under the British umbrella.)

I had to send in a ticket, but yes, Memrise and I are now divorced.

After growing pains, and with a couple of reservations, I do have to generally agree with the comments regarding Anki’s superiority. I will be wasting a lot less time with duplicated efforts, and love that a stupid typo doesn’t mean I have to look at the word 8 times more than necessary, because I can just mark it correct before moving on rather than screwing up the SRS. I love in-review corrections with one click, duplicate flagging/warnings and bulk deletion, and no longer having the unintentional/more powerful than I realized crutch of the auto-flagging of correct answers. If I get it wrong because I typed a synonym, I can immediately just correct the word to include the synonym, mark my answer correct, and move on. It’s pretty awesome.

I don’t like having to use the English International keyboard to get all the characters I need though; it does weird shit with quotation marks. :laughing: I also miss having an introduction round on new vocabulary words.


As for me, when my sub runs out in May I’ll miss “Learn with the Locals” (for Chinese), especially those actors.

But who could have guessed that “You have become an extreme cow!” is actually a compliment?

Similar to my music hobby, I rely on presets and am unlikely to make my own Anki decks.

I can add those to the Memrise card template for those who don’t mind installing an addon.


Agreed that this is one of the more uncomfortable aspects of Anki, though after a week of doing new word reviews without an introductory round I find myself getting used to it. Repeatedly 1-minute reviewing them until I can recall them easily and then 12 houring it. My total flashcard review time for a 20,000 word deck has gone from 80 minutes on Memrise to 25 mins on Anki purely due to the lack of loading screens, introductory rounds and forced repetitions of cards because I accidentally made a spelling mistake lol. Dobby is free.


If this is the issue with diacritics, I can add a screen keyboard for special characters similar to Memrise to the card template as well.


I’m personally getting used to it now, but I’m guessing it’s an obstacle some people run into. The normal alt codes don’t work on my office laptop for some reason, so I was having trouble just answering questions until I changed to the international keyboard. I had gotten very used to just quickly using the hint button to type in special characters, but I need to get used to typing them someday anyway.

I don’t want to speak for everyone, though!


That’s, actually, very good to know. Before I didn’t even think about people learning a language they don’t have a keyboard layout for. Now, considering it, a screen keyboard might have its uses, especially for people who learn multiple languages at once and don’t want to clutter their system with the layout for each and every language.

After reading through all the discussions over the last couple of weeks, I think I understand much clearer how to modify the card template to make it more useful for everybody. I probably won’t make all the changes right away because I am still busy catching up on all the discussions regarding the closing forum and archiving everything, and it will be the end of the teaching semester right after that. But hopefully, I get enough time around the holidays to do everything I’ve been noting down. Luckily, things like the screen keyboard are straightforward enough to implement. It still won’t be an exact copy of the Memrise interface, but it should turn out pretty close (maybe even better in some aspects :slightly_smiling_face:).