Cannot review individual words after lesson

(Rweismantel) #1

I am studying Japanese and on my Android phone. After the lesson, I can review each word I had learned, including the meme. However, I cannot see the this option on an ios device. Since I incorrectly answer questions in the lesson, It would be nice to have the chance the review each word individually at the end.

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

Is this the Japanese course you are having this problem with?

Or is it one of the other user-created courses that you are studying that is causing problems?

Just asking to help make sure that your query lands in the right place on the forum and will hopefully be answered.

(Rweismantel) #3

It is the user created ones.

I realize from your question that problem may not be a Memrise one but the one who created the user who created the content. This isn’t a big deal but would be nice if it were resolved. Thank you.