"Cannot load the session" on 207/210 words in Japanese 0

Reading around, this seems to have been an issue for this course for a while now. Is this a newer version of the problem, or a continuation of the problem that previously existed? From what I have read, this was an issue from before when 204/207 words words were completed, but that number doesn’t match my own.

Hi @TetraShiva :slight_smile:

When Memrise launched the new Japanese 0, it was 205/207. See this link: here

Then there was an announcement from Memrise, saying that some new words were introduced. See the link: here

And with that, Japanese 0 now has 207/210 on the website. See the MemriseMatty link that cataloged the problem:

This bug is related to grammar mode that only exists in the app for now, and will later be released on the website. Grammar mode has some new words. If you use the app you can complete the course using grammar mode, but this causes another bug. Words learned in grammar mode can only be revised in grammar review, so if you learn those words you won’t be able to review until the grammar review is released.


Thank you. That was incredibly helpful.

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