Cannot load lesson in Japanese 3

(Alex Luk46) #1

It has been a while, like for months, I got stuck in the “Peace Offering” part of Japanese 3, I can only see a message telling me “Could not load the session, sorry”, is there anything I can do?

(ラッテル/) #2


i also have issues with chinese … second memrise course… i stil have to make 2 times a learning session until it shows the words as learned…

(Alex Luk46) #3

and of course, support didn’t do anything

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #4

I am experiencing this as well, heres a screenshot

This needs to be fixed… @Lien The level 15 in Japanese 3 is not working

(Kali Kaminski) #5

@AlexLuk46, this bug has been frustrating me for a while too. The best I can say is that the support team is aware of it. I, as well as others, have posted it before. I’m not sure when it will get fixed. However, if you go to the course details, then to (any other) desired level, and choose ‘Lean New Words’ or ‘Continue Learning’, you can circumvent this. You must go to a (different) specific level and choose to keep learning. If you choose this option from the meta course-level screen, it will try to load the next incomplete level - which will of course fail.

(ラッテル/) #6

@MemriseMatty @MemriseSupport i tagged again. let’s hope for an answer

(Memrise Matty) #7

We are aware of this issue, but do not know when it will be resolved. Our developers are currently looking into the bug affecting this course (Japanese 3). Apologies for any inconvenience.

(Alex Luk46) #8

yeah, there is an error and not even an error code or even a reply from my past email or facebook message, I believe in you my friend

(Alex Luk46) #9

I think that’s the best we can ask for lol

(Joshua) #10

You can still continue learning, just skip level 15.

Click this link to go to Japanese 3 overview.

Here you’ll see all the levels inside the course. Avoid clicking on the “Learn” button, as it will redirect you to level 15. Click on level 16.

Click on continue learning.

And you should be taken into a learning session as normal.

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(Joshua) #11

The bug has been fixed, you should now be able to continue your progress as normal.

(Alex Luk46) #12

Yeah I see the part “peace offering” is now marked complete, so I think it’s good, thanks everyone who made this issue heard as well as fixed.

(Nuclearalex) #13


I do not see it fixed for me - I use google chrome (but also checked with MS explorer). Peace offering is 13/15 words learned but there are no 2 additional words and “learn new” button results in “couldn’t load the session” error.


(Drtibor) #14

I have the same issue. The level indicates 15 words, but only actually lists 13. It thinks I need to review 2 words, but it always fails with “Could not load the session.”

(Alex Luk46) #15

woah woah woah, I think they just fix anyone who bothered to yell at them here instead of reviewing the course for any coding issues!

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #16

Its fixed :smile:

(Drikting) #17

Could not load the session for the last 2 words of 642 to course completion.

Can memrise please advise? Thanks.

(Drikting) #18

The course is now complete. Maybe one of the memrise staffs fixed it for me? Thanks.

(Joshua) #19

We’ve fix this problem, the course should now appear completed.

The total amount of words in the course was incorrect, there were only 640 items in the course not 642.

(Nuclearalex) #20

Strange, I see some difference but it is not fully fixed. Peace offering now has no missing words. But my totals are wrong 634/635. And the course still shows up as incomplete.