Cannot learn new words?

Whenever I’m on the verge to completing a level on the course. I click on continue learning for the LAST word and it always says “Cannot load the session. Sorry.” Is there any way to fix this so I can finish the course I am learning?

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That level probably has a problem. To continue, just go to the next level and start learning from there.

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Which course specifically is this? Perhaps I could have a look to see if I also will experience the same issue to ensure that it possibly won’t be you alone experiencing this? :slight_smile:

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This “phenomenon” has been reported a whole bunch of times over the last year or so, so, yes: others have experienced this as well (and continue to do so). The reason for the problem is a bug where the system thinks a level has not yet been completed even though it has been. The most probable cause (my personal assumption!) for this is that a user has i. e. divided a course into levels with, for instance, 15 words each. If (s)he then removed one or more words from a level, the problem could arise. Haven’t tested this though, but it’ll surely be something along those lines.

Cut short: don’t waste your time on this as it is a (known) bug! :wink:


There are 3 levels.
2 of which have the problem.

A course called “Mira 2 Unit 4 - La comida”

I’ve just seen that Memrise obviously changed something. Would you please try again, i. e. go into one of the problematic levels and check whether you can start a learning session and repro the error message?

Here’s the thread. If you still encounter the problem, I’d suggest you raise your hand right there:

I dont believe these 2 issues are related though, so I am quite sure it wont be fixed with that. We will look at this in the next few days


Greetings. I have a similar problem with French I but only on the web interface in windows. The android says I have finished all 477 words and course complete but the web says 464 words and will not advance to completion. I tried for a long time but finally just went on to French II.

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I am experiencing the same problem with my own course during the last two months; both with the app and on the web. But recently it became a block for me for learning my own course. When I create a new level and start learning it, the previous uncompleted level does not load. When I click “Learn new words” on the dashboard (web or app), it is trying to load the earliest uncompleted level, and cannot load it. But if I manually select “learn” for the newest level, it works ok.

It could be that it is exactly as described above: I may have deleted some “not learned” word from the level, and the level is marked as “incomplete” and ready to learn even though there are no words to learn, only to review.

Now that does sound like @vitar seems to have found a reproducible scenario that would be worth testing, don’t you think, @JBorrego?