Cannot add recommended words to self created course

  • Description of the issue: Cannot add recommended words to self created course.
    When I type in a new word in my own course, a recommendation usually pops up right underneath with all the extra details (part of speech, sound recording, etc…) that I never had to bother adding myself. This is very useful and makes adding words and their respective details so much faster. However today, it is not working. A recommendation appear but whenever I click on it, nothing happens.

  • Device and browser details: Windows 10 using Google Chrome Browser. I have also used Internet Explorer and Edge. Same non-working result.

  • Description of **steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Type in a new word in edit course.
  2. A recommendation of that already existing word appears
  3. Click on it.


Seems to be fixed.

Thank you.

Problem seems to have came back. @MemriseSupport

Same issue

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