Cancelled membership since the upgrade, looking for replacement -- duolingo?

The only courses that anyone uses is the rapid speed review for 10,000 word collections. If you’ve been on this site for more than a few months and haven’t matured past the beginners level stuff offered by memrise, then you’re not really studying a language.

For the 10,000 word collections, they have generally become unusable since the upgrades. Most have been created by individual users, and because of this there are synonyms and redundancies. For Russian in particular. Many of the most popular courses are essentially unusable now.

My question is – what competitors have you found that are good replacements? Duolingo was too basic when I tried them back in the day. Any other suggestions for notecard services that learn which answers you have difficulty with and are bug free?

I have been tired of Memrise for awhile, but this last “upgrade” was the last straw. The people suggesting and implementing designs are not actually using the website or listening to user feedback in a meaningful way.