Can you recommend me Spanish (Latin America) and Portuguese (Brazil) courses?

Is it good courses (links are below) for learning Spanish (Latin America) and Portuguese (Brazil), if I’m interested in Latin America?

I’m asking cos they’re not for Latin America.
Maybe some people has learned those languages and could give advice to pick right course (I’m more interested in comprehensive courses, where are at least 3000 words or more).

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Just an FYI: Splitting the Spanish courses into “Spain” and “Mexico” was a relatively recent change. Many established courses were put in the Spain group by default, whether their audio and vocab are specific to Spain or not… Not only that, but many courses are neither “Spain” Spanish nor “Mexican” Spanish; they’re international. The audio is a mix of speakers from both Europe and Latin America, and the vocabulary comes from everywhere.

I completed the BetWhatley version of First 5000 Words of Spanish. This one has 308 lessons of 15 words each. There’s a second version by xoviat which has 62 levels of 75 words each. They’re both in the “Spain” category, but as far as I can tell, they’re both international.

I don’t have any experience with the Spanish course you linked to, but from the course description, it looks to be similar.

If you’re going to be in more than one Latin American country, an international frequency list is probably your best bet. If you found a course that focused specifically on vocab used in Mexico, you’d be learning a lot of new words when you visited Peru… :wink:

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Something else?

There are many excellent courses. To make recommendations, it would help to know more about your current Spanish level, what courses or learning activities you have already used, and your goals, both short-term and long-term.

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