Can you pick a specific word to learn, without learning the whole lesson?

Sometimes I need to learn a word that’s several lessons ahead in the course I’m following, but I don’t want to learn the whole lesson right away.

Is it possible to pick just one word from a lesson and learn that one? I haven’t been able to figure out how.

Sure, you could temporarily ignore all of the words in that level.

And then uncheck the box for the word you want to learn, save, learn that word.
Then go back to the level to ignore none of the words.


You can do it using the ‘Ignore’ function. Go to the relevant level page and ignore all of the entries in that level. Then ‘unignore’ the item that you want to learn and learn it. Then unignore the others in that level.


‘Great minds think alike!’ :joy:


Thanks both of you! I’ll give that a go :slight_smile:

Actually, I think there’s a simpler and more effective way: flag the word(s) you want to learn as difficult words (DW), then start a DW-session on their level. Note that DW-sessions always cover up to 4 words max (at least on Android which is where I’m doing them).

Edit: this only works on the (Android) app, not on the web …


Yes. A good option if learning on the Android app but I don´t think you can do this on the web version without using the Preview function and then scrolling through the level to find the item you want to learn. If using the iOS app, you can select an individual item in any level but you can´t go through the learning cycle or mark it as ‘difficult’.

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Wow, you’re right - while there is an option to ignore words per level, there is none for DWs!?
Not sure whether or not it used to be there, over the past 2 years or so I’ve rarely used the web site anymore.

FWIW, I just tried this out. Starting a preview session and flagging a word as difficult won’t work either - the flag just doesn’t survive the session (yet another bug) unless you actually go through the second turn at least and thus start the “watering process” of at least one word.

Another of those inconsistencies and bugs that happen to exist across the three platforms iOS, Android and web …