Can we get Mems back (part 2)

Hey language learning fam! After reading many comments from the infamous thread that was closed under the same name, many users believe it was closed to end the complaints about removal of the mems.

Let’s keep talking about it, and figuring out ways we can solve the problem!

And let’s start communicating about this off this forum so we can make sure our conversation isn’t abruptly ended. Which do you prefer- telegram or facebook? Leave a comment and we’ll start a group!

If memrise isn’t interested in bringing back some key features we love, let’s work as a community to crowdfund a new platform. Who knows maybe some of the founding team who feels the same way will want to join, or memrise might determine it would be profitable to bring back the old version for users who are disappointed and willing to pay for a community centered crowdsourced model for language learners again?

Either way, thanks for joining this conversation and looking forward to figuring out some solutions! Blessings to you wherever you are. :cowboy_hat_face::pray: