Can we get an ability to edit the definitions for ourselves?

I’m using community created courses to remember vocabulary words, but some of the definitions don’t really reflect their true meanings. Can we have an ability to just edit the definitions ourselves instead of bugging the course creators to fix them? The edited definitions will be personalized and only shown to the user by default.

Maybe also have a button to choose custom definitions. Then you can choose what other people set their definitions as, as well as how many people have selected it.

Or allow the course creator to see everyone’s custom definition so they can improve their course.


Good idea, up to Memrise to implement. Just having a ‘send feedback’ to course owner button would be a start.

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I fully agree.

you could make your own course…


Similar suggestion has been discussed not so long time ago. Take a look at this comment and some replies hereafter.

In my personal opinion custom database is a sideway which would tremendously complicate things. What is really needed is a simple way to contact course creators. User’s courses could be only better when a lot of people can make a contribution, it’s beneficial for everyone.

Besides, I think it’s highly unlikely that Memrise team would dedicate its resourses to developing of this feature. As we know, they have other plans.

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Maybe one option for the time being as a course designer is to put info in the course description how to contact for feedback and issues about the course.

I would actually suggest to show memes anytime during tests instead of showing them on “word screens” only. Some people might use them to cheat to get more XP, but what is the point of many points, except for fun?

Hey everyone,

I allow myself to up that topic because I found a mistake in a member-made course, it’s tiny regarding the size of the course but still.
The thing is, I don’t find any button allowing me to send a message to the creator of the course, I can’t signal which card it is nor can I change it myself, hence my question: how are you doing to signal something like that ?

Thanks in advance,