Can someone please help me with this?

So right now I am doing country mapping by Azrael12. I ‘unlocked’ the power of pro and I used it to learn difficult words.
I had seven and all I ‘learnt’ were Lesser Antilles and Costa Rica. It lasted a few seconds and after I finished, it counted as I learnt all seven words.

Each picture in that course counts as a word. Since there are two or three different pictures for each location (showing the country, island, etc. from different distances and angles), it looks like you have more “words” to review than you actually do. (One correct answer counts for three or however many different pictures of the location there are.)

*I think. That is what I have gathered from reviewing that course a whole bunch of times. Now I am doubting myself, though. :slight_smile:

Thank you @tulpaganger. That does make sense. Thanks for explanation.