Can not complete Learn Spanish Conjugation

I am trying to complete Learn Spanish Conjugation course but the last section named « More and Memory Game » doesn’t allow me to complete saying that there is a network error. I have even downloaded the course, but it still doesn’t work.

Hi @kpaxico,

The creator of this course is no longer active on Memrise or Decks but I have contributor status for this course which allows me to make edits (within limits).

I guess that you are, like me (and others) stuck on 1009/1010 words learned. Although Level 23 says that it contains “14 words”, it actually only has 13 items (all images) and I guess was possibly added as just a bit of ‘fun’ to finish the course. The 14th item in this level, which shows as “End of the Course”, is not a learnable item because the course creator decided not to put anything in the subject column. It’s a strange arrangement and I don’t know why he chose to do things this way but he put a note in the attributes column for this item asking that it should not be changed. Here is a picture of the edit page for this level so that you can see what I am saying:

So it’s not an error or a bug, as such, just the way he set his course. I don’t want to try deleting that final item because he has asked that it be left as it is - and I wouldn’t want to risk corrupting his work.

I hope this explanation helps.


Hi alanh,

Thanks for the reply and for the very detailed explanation. After exercising all those verbs and tenses, it really frustrated me of not being able to complete the course, but it’s also kind of funny: May be he/she wanted us to come back and review again and again :slight_smile:

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Hi @kpaxico, if you’re interested in additional conjugation practice I thought you might be interested in this course which gives verb forms in approximate frequency order, based on movie subtitles.

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t know about this one :slight_smile: Verb conjugations really slows me down during speaking. So, I try to practice them as much as possible.

Thanks again.

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I love Ian_nm’s top spoken verb forms courses. I love the way the different tenses are all tested.

If you want more drills focusing on one tense at a time, aitchdubya’s 15 LATAM courses are awesome:

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