Can I switch of these little videos

Hi there,
I haven’t found it in the settings… can I switch off those videos where people on the street say words, sentences or questions?
cheers, Safaribär

I don’t think you can. Don’t understand why you would want to though - I think it’s one of Memrise’s best features to hear native speakers pronounce sentences!

Too bad. And I guess everyone has his own experience. I also liked Memrise - until I stumbled upon a batch of questions with these memes, where I didn’t understand 3 at all. I put two aside (left the tab at that place) and showed them to my wife (she’s from Paris, I am learning French). She said with the one, that’s some local dialect, sounds like from the Provence. With the other one, she said, this chick has a speech impediment, she can’t pronounce this letter properly. Since then, I didn’t continue. If I could switch those things off, it would be great. If not, I can just stay on Duolingo, where the pronunciation isn’t great either.