Can i stop memrise from playing the audio in speed review?

When I use the speed review the audio will lag behind. It will play when I’m two or three words past the corresponding word on the screen. It’s a bit much at the moment having the sound be unrelated to what is happening on the screen, so I want to turn the audio of for the speed review (and only to speed review).

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But in speed review, you usually get some options which are listening only, so you wouldn’t have a hope in hell of getting those right if you had the option of turning those off.

If I’m getting something that is listen only in speed review I’m already not having a chance in hell, as you say, to get them because the audio is so ridiculous out of sync with everything else.

That said I haven’t had anything that seemed to be a listen only exercise in speed review. It is all here’s a word, chose the right translation and then the audio kicks in when I have done another word or two.

In normal review I have got what you describe. The audio plays and then I have to choose the translation or the correct spelling.

You’re right, I was thinking of regular review on the app!

I can see the three circles in my mind’s eye, but in speed review you just always get the four options.

I can’t say I have noticed the time lag with the audio, though. But I don’t use the app very often, just when I am out and about on a long train journey, which is only about twice a month.

Speed review is only on the web version. At least for me. I have the iPhone version of the app. I only just started using the web version and I have found the lagging on the audio in the speed review very bad. So I want to turn of the audio in it if it is possible.

Speed review is definitely available on the Android app.

I was going to test it but memrise isn’t loading on either my phone or my Chromebook. The forum loads in seconds, but not memrise :frowning:

I just managed to do a speed review on the web version and there was no lag with the audio for me.

Well, that is all well and good for you :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t solve anything for me. Like I say in the topic for this tread i would like to know if I can turn of the audio for speed review :slight_smile:

I did a little experiment and in my Firefox browser, in the upper left corner, there’s mute audio during classic review. I pushed it and then did a speed review without sound. Unfortunately you have to manually turn it on again during learning or reviews, but at least it might help for a while, until you find a better solution.

I think it would be more helpful if we could just slow down the audio. Specifically, by making the next question´s audio start only after the previous question´s audio has finished.

I think that the purpose of speed review is to actually review the foreign words. For me, the problem with the fast timer is that often one cannot hear the foreign words, because the app jumps to the next question. So I would like Speed Review to at least finish pronouncing the foreign words before starting to count time, in order to prevent jumping to the next question before letting the user hear the foreign words.

Whenever the foreign phrase/ string of words is fairly long a similar problem occurs with the writing: Not only is the pronouniation cut off (as indicated above), moreover, the written words are cut off, because the field containing the answer is too small!

Cutting both written and oral review off = not reviewing!