Can I get high school credits from Memrise

So a little while ago I started using Memrise to learn Japanese just for fun.

A few days ago me and my dad had gone to a new high school to get me enrolled. Now when we were discussing with the counselor about the courses I was going into, I had mentioned that I was doing an online course in Japanese. Now as soon as I mentioned it was an online course the person immediately said “That probably won’t work.” which made me wonder, could I get language credits from Memrise? because I noticed that language credits are something I need in order to get to college.

You have to keep in mind that although Memrise uses the term “Courses”, that term is very inaccurate, and could even be considered deceptive, because Memrise is not a licensed or accredited school anywhere in the world, as far as I know.

What Memrise is actually offering is just fancy decks of interactive flashcards of varying quality, delivered over the internet. And these flashcard decks can be put together by anyone, regardless of whether or not they have any real knowledge or qualifications in the subject matter. They have numerous errors, sometimes small, and sometimes great, including ones that give answers that teach the exact opposite of the correct answer.

So Memrise has absolutely nothing in common with a true online course that you would take if you were enrolled in a licensed, accredited, college, university or language school. Such courses would conform to a certain syllabus, and would be structured and composed by qualified teachers in the subject area. They would also have safeguards to ensure that you were actually learning the material and not cheating.

Imagine if you had told your school counselor, “I bought a pack of Japanese flashcards. Can I get credit for playing with it?” What do you think that their answer would be?


Yet, it is a very good tool to support your learning, and as such it is a course, as much as a course of antibiotics helps your body to fight off a disease :wink:

Use it to consolidate your learning and expand your vocabulary. Come here to this forum and bring your knowledge if you find mistakes. Even accredited teachers make mistakes and good students can inform their teachers.

Any school should be happy to enlist students that have a thirst to learn and dedicate their time to expand and practice their learning.


seeing such smart commentary, one would think “…what a bunch of stupid people memrise users must be, wasting their time with fancy decks of flashcards”… :laughing: . For some smart cookies, “everyone” does not entail anyone with real qualifications and knowledge, or honestly trying to acquire knowledge :laughing:

ah all right… to be honest I guess the current way I’ve been learning Japanese has been pretty pathetic sense the way I learn is pretty much. learn a new word in the memrise course, look word up on, learn basic definition of the word, then やった I’ve learned a new word.

just curious what online course do you recommend for learning Japanese. Because I can’t really learn Japanese at school because they don’t have it as a course. (FYI I am good at grammar I’m just tired right now.)

Isn’t it up to that person to make it work? They can lay out the boundary conditions, or you can write a proposal for that, which can be refined with their input, and then it’s up to them to make a decision.

Online courses are a thing now and just rejecting allowing you to get credit for them, out of hand and without consideration, is backwards. I would request a reasoned reply as to why you can’t get credits from an online course, and the opportunity to appeal that decision.

As a high school student, what courses qualify for possible credit depends on the laws and rules in your part of the world. You didn’t mention where you are, so we don’t know.

In the US, each state sets its own minimum standards, and each school can choose to set even higher standards, so you have to go through your school counselors to get permission for what you want to do, if you want to earn high school credit for it.

Also, the college that you apply to will also have standards that you must meet to satisfy their entrance requirements. So you need to check that part of it too.

Remember, schools can’t give you credit for effort, or for what you claim to know, but only for what you can prove you know.

For high school students, there is the SAT Subject Exam in Japanese, which is open to anyone with a strong knowledge of the language, regardless of how or where you learned it.

But you have to check with your high school and college to see if they will grant credit for a passing grade, or recognize it as fulfilling a college admission requirement.

And there is a very good Japanese distance learning video series for high school or college level Japanese that could help you prepare for the SAT exam. It also has textbooks and workbooks available to go with the videos.

And a Memrise user has put together a very good roadmap of resources for learning Japanese on your own.

And this is another self-paced online Japanese language program for beginners, created by a qualified native Japanese teacher.

But remember that language learning requires a lot of practice listening and speaking, reading and writing, making mistakes, and being corrected. So there is much more to it than just going through a series of flashcard based exercises.

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Hmmm … okay so here is my 2 cents worth.

The only way you can get credit for a language is by qualifying as having attained a level of proficiency in that language. Proficiency in a language is more than knowing a list of words and/or some random sentences. Generally you need to know, at a minimum, all the words and other information that qualifies a course as meeting the requirements of a successfully completed high school course. It is possible that someone has uploaded a course on memrise that is based entirely on an accredited course but you would have to search for it and see, however, you will if you complete the course and know the material really well not have actual credits, only the equivalent.

If you have reached a level where you can read, speak, and understand spoken conversation then you may be able to do an equivalency test in the college you plan on attending. You have to pay for the test and you must pass to be allowed to take the course with the credit exemption.

You need to know how many credits you require for your college course and find out how many credits each level of proficiency in a language will get you. You may find you will need credit from other languages to qualify.

If you have chosen which college you will be attending you need to meet that particular colleges requirements as each college can differ. Your best bet is to go to admissions at that college and find out what options you have for meeting their requirements. They will often have online courses you can enrol in which are designed to help you meet their course requirements and if not they will usually be able to refer you to somewhere you can go to get what you need.

Good luck!

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