Can i get contributor rights of long time forgotten course


Hello, I’m almost finished my fav course but the author has forgotten to give a translation to 1 word by this it’s not available for learning. I haven’t found the author in the forum. He is not reachable.
Turns out that everyone stuck at this level.
I have 665 words learned from 666 overall.
There are some important mistakes as well which ought to be corrected.
Can you add me as a contributor to that course?

Thx in advance.

Sorry, I can’t find spoiler option.


Is there any news on this issue? How to give course contributor rights to people willing to take over abandoned courses?


2 months ago, I saw how 1 person asked permission and he was granted rights, then.

Yup, it used to happen, but at the moment the memrise team are not devoting any staff members to this problem.

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I’ve added you as a contributor. You should now be able to edit the course and add that missing translation.


Omg, thanks you very much. I knew it, you’ll help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does that mean you guys are available again for adding contributors to courses abandoned by their creators?


Hi @amanda-norrsken sorry for the radio silence and lack of progress on this, I’ve been swamped the past few months.

To relieve any current frustration would it work if we collect a list of users here on the forum who would like to be contributors to abandoned courses and check / batch approve them?


Please have a look at Kevin response above, maybe this could be a potential solution for us to add contributors to abandoned courses.

I’m always happen to add contributors so feel free to message me in the mean time while we find a solution to this problem.


I’m afraid that won’t help much! I for one wouldn’t generally take over just any course but only the ones that I am or have been working on, particularly only for languages I know or care for and not for geography courses or the like. If OTOH you can grant the right to particular forum users to add other users as contributors, then the situation would be different.

Another problem is courses from creators who have no forum account: we have no means of contacting those users so we will simply have to rely on you guys to establish contact.

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I’m not really sure but I would guess kevin5284 did not mean creating a list of willing contributors. But instead of reacting to every individual request collecting the requests for a little while and then check them all at once.
What exactly did you mean @kevin5284?


Morning all especially @kevin5284 & @Joshua, thank for looking at this issue, but I tend to agree that although I’ve created some 50 courses and support some 200 other courses, I only do it for courses I am currently learning or have learned in the past or that interest me.

Can I add one suggestion and possible note of caution please:

Suggestion (mentioned elsewhere)
That all contributors state in the long (web) description that they are supporting a course so users will know who else to contact.

Not everyone does the above so you’d need to check the the contributor info to verify if a course is no longer supported.

Finally I agree that sadly not all active ie studying creators or supporters have found their way to this forum.


Hi all - so Matt and I are setting up a process for reviewing and granting contributor status on a monthly basis.

Here’s the plan:

Let us know if you have any feedback.

Thanks for flagging that suggestion @DW7. When we approve a contributor we’ll ask them to add their info to the course title