Can I download my own course as a .txt file?

(Waffletoaster) #1

When the whole Decks problem had started I remember there being an option to download courses you created yourself as a .txt file with just the words and translations listed.

Is that link still available?
I am asking because even though I use memrise offline when I am entirely offline and start the app after it has been closed many times it will remain stuck on some error and not load any of the courses I already downloaded. It will try and get me to select a course instead.

For that reason I wanted a back up of the useful words course I had made earlier involving Japanese food kaji’s and restaurant vocabulary.
Is that still possible or not?

I found the old file I had previously downloaded prior, wew

(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

Here’s a posting that provides detailed instructions on exporting course data. Ignore the Anki part if you’re only after exporting your data.
Also, there’s quite a few threads here covering this subject. Do a search for “copy course” to find these.