Can I download all my mems?

I’ve made over 3,000 mems, the vast majority of which were for community created courses. I’m hoping they will transfer to Decks, but I’d like to save them to be safe. Is there any script that will allow me to do this easily? I know some have reported that they can download mems for a course using Memrise2Anki, but I’m talking about just downloading all of my mems in a batch whether I’m still learning that course or not. I haven’t been able to download mems with Memrise2Anki anyway.

I’ve got a real close problem and I want to know if there’s a way to recover the titles of the mems that I’ve contributed to a course, but are not there as a reason of the creator deleting the course. The mems are already saved in my profile. But it’s more useful to have the titles recovered as I’ve spent a lot of time creating them.
I vouch for the full mems download option here as well. I see none and have to copy paste everything to an Excel file or something.

  • Thank u 4 creating this thread and unfortunately sharing this problem