Came across this strange literal translation

Just curious will anyone be reviewing the translation ?

It looks like just a response to me. I had that too. Hmm… I saw a weirder choice for the multiple-choice one, and it was - ‘stop messing around, do you want to die?!’. I thought that was pretty random myself, but I think it’s just a choice.
Also, if you love BTS (like me) @Waiysw, that probably would come up in conversation, and they might say that. (at which point, you turn around and walk away. JK :grin:)

Does a human come up with this stuff? Lol. How do you go from “I don’t really like Korean songs” to whatever that is?

The literal translation for “an ambulance” (in the Norwegian course) is “a rib-bone” according to Memrise.

Hi, sorry about this! This is now fixed.
Apologies for the delayed response as well. Thank you for flagging this :slight_smile:

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