Calling all Decks mobile app beta testers!

@Norsk_VietNamesisk, you need to sign up via the links above if you want to join the test :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who have signed up to be beta testers so far :slight_smile:

We’ll give anyone else who wants to sign up another week before distributing the app.


I don’t know why you bother asking for testers when you all aren’t interested in fixing cumulative bugs that have been inherited from a long time ago. Some bugs are so evident that any developer would have noticed them straightaway had they tried to do learn/review a course themselves.


Hi, I signed up as beta tester, but did not receive any notice up to now. Has distribution of the app already started?


I signed up a week or so ago, and again a few days ago, just in case it hadn’t worked for any reason. I haven’t had anything yet.

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Hi @Oblomov62 @rlkirby we haven’t started distributing the app yet, sorry we’re a couple of days behind on Android. You’ll receive an email from us shortly.


OK, thanks @kevin5284, I hope that it didn’t sound as if I was being impatient. Looking forward to checking out the app.


I certainly remember I filled the application for becoming a tester. Now I see that testing has begun but I did not receive any feedback from you. Is it ok and you just don’t need more beta testers?

Hi @gardariki we sent out the invitations for iPhone users today and we’re waiting for the app to be approved on Android before it’s distributed.

I can see you’re an Android user, so you should receive an invitation to install the app soon.

I’ll post again later today with some guidance on the testing process. Thanks again for your support!


Great to hear!
Not sure if it’s already been done, but would love it if I could also add new words to a course through the app. Or if the app/site would be able to recognize duplicate words that are already stored in another of my courses so I don’t end up studying the same words in different courses :slight_smile:

Am looking forward to testing the app!

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I’ve started a new thread where we’ll collect feedback during the beta:

Please have a read and leave any feedback you have. Thanks!


Hi, @kevin5284
i still have not received my invitation to install the decks beta app.
I responded to the invite to become a beta tester shortly after it was announced using the same email address that i use for my google play account.(as requested).

Thanks for flagging @LarBoylan. I emailed you a link just now where you should be able to download the app.

What is supposed to happen once I press “BECOME A TESTER”? Do I need Memrise installed for it to work?

Edit: It’s worked now

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There is a link in that message which says “download it in Google Play”. This will start the download/installation process for your device. It takes a few minutes but mine is currently downloading to my phone.

Good luck!

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I have just installed the app.
I will post any problems to the feedback thread.

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I also have not received anything yet.

Hi @kevin5284 & @MemriseSupport - have you got enough volunteers or would you still like me to test the Decks app?

Android (and iPhone if it will run on IOS 7)?

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Maybe you have enough beta testers already, which is fine, but I did send my email through the google form to request an invite to the beta. I’m studying ASL through Decks and because of how many animated gifs it uses, I can’t just use it through Memrise. Those gifs have been broken for… idk a year or something.

Is there any chance to get into the beta testing group?

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