CAE levels - grammar mistake

I have just spotted a grammar mistake in CAE levels.
As shown below, the translation to Polish and vice versa doesn’t make sense. It is because the world ‘recruitment’ has been translated to Polish as a verb. I think, to avoid this mistake, it would be better to use the phrase ‘recruiting volunteers’, or leave English phrase as it is and change Polish version to ‘rekrutacja wolontariuszy’

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It looks like the original creator of this course, “eldfell”, isn’t active on the forum so your suggestion might have to be on hold for a while. The last I heard was that the memrise team members were no longer contacting inactive course creators to ask them if new people could be made course contributors - which means that they can access the database of the course in question - but that a search for a solution to this problem is underway.

@kevin5284: do you have any updates on this?