Bye bye Memrise

I hope that Memrise will continue to be accessible as a website (and decks when it arrives) i have already had to stop using Mondly as they went mobile only (i fully paid for website but got shifted to mobile only which is no good to me completely destroying a two year streak so bye bye mondly) i had been considering going pro on Memrise but if it shifts to mobile only or it becomes too difficult to use on a laptop then it will be bye bye Memrise too sniff.
This will only leave Duolingo which for now at least still fulfills its obligations to the customer not all of us want to piddle about on a mobile phone people so please get the message…or its goodnight from me too.


Hello :slight_smile: Please see the topic and the FAQ:


To siatas.

I’m not only talking about the official courses.

Will the courses I created MYSELF be available on a regular PC after march?

Via web site, yes. Via iOS/Android apps, no.

Yes. Kevin5284 (from Memrise’s team) answered this question on this topic:

PS: The site for Decks has not yet been released yet.