Button "Continue" in "Difficult words" doesn't work

Tapping button “Continue” when doing “Difficult words” repetition has no effetct, making impossible to continue session after latest ap update

Your device make and model
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro

  • OS version
    Android 11
  • Memrise app version
  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue
    Start “difficult words” session, try to go next

Hi @gswfranz, thanks for the report. We’re unable to reproduce this on our end. Is there any chance you can provide a screenshot of the screen where you’re unable to continue?

Please disregard the previous comment. We have been able to reproduce it and will work on getting out a fix as soon as possible. I’ll post a reply here once we have started rolling out an update.

Hi @gswfranz, we have fixed the issue and started to rollout a new update for the app. Please keep an eye out for an update in the play store.

Now it works again. Thank you!