Bulk add Forvo Audio this my Hebrew-English course

What is the procedure to bulk upload audio files from forvo into my new course once I have the paid API ?

This is the course in which I would like to add audio files from forvo.


‘paid API’ - that doesn’t ring a bell. It is some new (paid) feature on memrise or a piece of 3rd party software (and if so, which)?

There is a thread somewhere about auto-uploading audio from google and to other sites.
Script for Bulk Upload Audio
[wiki] Bulk generation and adding of audio tips & tricks
I must confess that I never took time to find out why the script didn’t work for me. So I’m of little help here.

Unfortunately Forvo api isn’t free anymore and google doesn’t support Hebrew tts.

I’m trying to find a programmer to create a web GUI interface so we can use those scripts easier.

Here it is my friend.