When I do memrise for about 20 minutes it allows me a free trail for a pro mode. When i select the ‘difficult words’ category it does npt let me acces it and takes it to the home page. It does the same for others. Apparently I am not allowed permisssion even though the software says i am. Please do try to fix it. Memrise helped me through gcse french and i would love the free samples of pro as they will help me consider whether or not is hould pay for it.

  • MAC/PC on Google Chrome
    Complete memrise until a message comes up saying you have earned a free sample of a pro mode. Select a pro mode to try out.

Hi there, sorry to hear that!

Do you have a screenshot of any error you get when you try to launch the complimentary Pro session?



No, sorry I don’t but I’ll try to get one when I next get offered a pro session.