Bug reports guidelines - Please read this before posting a new bug report (Website)

If you have found an issue using the Memrise website and would like to report it, please read our guidelines first.

Many times, unexpected behaviour is mistaken for a broken or nonfunctional feature. Before submitting a bug report, please do use the Search feature to see if threads about the issue you are experiencing already exist.

We are enforcing a strict bug reporting policy, which means that if your report doesn’t meet the criteria, it will be ignored or removed.

Please note:

  • Only technical issues are to be reported. Any Content issues should be reported in their corresponding forums.

Your report must include

  • Your Memrise Username
  • Device and Browser used when experiencing the issue. If you experience the issue on more than one platform, provide details of all of them.
  • Date of first occurrence
  • Frequency of occurrence
  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue

If possible, please also include

  • Screenshots and/or videos of the problem


  • Individual reports will only receive a reply if our Technical team requires more information.
  • If you do not receive a reply, we are most likely already aware and working on the issue you reported.
  • In the event of a critical issue, a status report will be announced to the community via this forum category.

I’m really beginning to wonder.


Why should people use this category?

How about we ask,
why should people use this forum? (since no one seems to have the courtesy to reply or fix the bugs we are reporting)


I think I would prefer that they didn’t reply at all then to keep getting the snotty “I’m not having this problem” message.

either way. plain rude.

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Whenever I do the speed review test in my course “英検1級語彙問題完全制覇”, I always get an alert with the word “ambush” and I can’t go any further. I have tried deleting the word from the database, but the result remains the same. Please take care of this immediately, as I cannot continue my study if this continues.https://app.memrise.com/aprender/speed?course_id=6131243?recommendation_id=fb0e8264-dfd8-44c2-87e4-481852d1bdd8

Windows 10
starting March 2
Always occurs

Hi @yoko566, I can see ~を軽く扱う is missing an English translation. Can you please add this? As any blank items can cause errors. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. I was able to fix it. Thank you for your immediate support.

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