Bug: Error when answer contains and does not follow the good order

(Stphrolland) #1

Hi Memrise,

I am sure that in your models you have taken into account that the rewarding circuitry of the brain is a really good catalyzer for efficient learning. Don’t tell me no, you would not have chosen gamification otherwise :slight_smile:

There is one type of cards (the one with several meaning seperated with a ‘;’ )in which I really feel the reward model replaced by deep frustration. And as a matter of fact these cards becomes the cards I learn the less efficiently. WORSE, the more they are repeated the more the feeling of boredom increases strongly (momentarily just as the card is displayed, and the pleasure comes back instantly with other cards not containing ; because I know that in those case the algorithm is FAIR). To the extent that sometimes it made me stop the course of the day on those card: rather extreme and stupid, but it happened in moments I was in a hurry and just wanting a flash efficient course. And the instantanoeous peak of boredom of UNFAIRNESS just washed everything away.

It also breaks the flow of my answers, pondering: what is the fcking meaningless order of the different meanings of this fcking card. You see: not the rewarding brain circuitry in action.

This happens a lot in the Chinese courses. I completely waste my time on the card containing a ‘;’
I know my mind don’t record the order of the meanings, but only the different meanings. And after a few errors, those cards because synonymous of waste of time: I know the different answers, but the algo won’t accept my answers because they are in the wrong order. WORSE, after a long period of time with failed repetitions with GOOD meaning in wrong order I START TO FORGET THE RIGHT MEANING ! ! !

Of course I could ignore thoses cards, but as the others, they are often fundamental of core chinese knowledge.

I guess it would totally change the validation algorithm that you seem to perform on any character input, you would have to parse the input to check for ‘;’ and perform permutations of all possibilties… That would increase complexity, I well conscious of that.

Another way could be to have button: HEY ALGO, YOUR LATEST VERDICT WAS TOTALLY UNFAIR! So as to force the acceptation of an answer if the user thinks it was good. And you could use this button only a limited number of time so as not to break the eavaluation/leaderboard scheme. A bit like “hint”, but after the verdict is done.

Let me know what you think.

Best Regards

Stephane R.