Bug course English 3 for Russian speakers - Level 34

(Hdvpnz) #1

I can’t complete level 34. It contains use 20 words. But only 19 are listed.

[Course Forum] English for speakers of Russian
(Amanda Norrsken) #2

I have posted a link to this post in the course forum for English for speakers of Russian, here:


I am not sure whether the problem you are having is a bug as such. I have tagged the memrise specialist for English, so I hope it will be fixed soon, whatever kind of problem it is.

(Rob Paterson) #3

Thanks for flagging this issue @amanda-norrsken and @hdvpnz ! I think this is a bug that I’ve seen before, so we should be able to fix it soon. I’ll get someone to look into it asap. Have a great day!