BUG! Answer from previous word carries over

I think there was been other threads about this, but it is still not fixed!

Sometimes, the answer I input will suddenly carry over to the next word. The input field will not have emptied. It is very frustrating when that happens as it can accidentally cause a wrong answer.

@MemriseSupport This really needs to be fixed.

Hi @Vikestart, thanks for reaching out and sorry that you’re facing this issue. Is this the problem you are referring to: Apple Japanese Input CHROME Bug: Forced Autofill / Predictive Text? Can you confirm if this is on web and if so, which browser you are using? Do you have the Beta mode enabled?


Hi I am having the same problem I do have beta mode enabled and no im not referring to Apple Japanese Input CHROME Bug: Forced Autofill / Predictive Text and I use chrome

Thanks for reaching out @Em135877. Do you have any screenshots or videos of the problem we could take a look at? :slightly_smiling_face:


sorry no I have not taken any photos or videos as I did not see the need to

If you do spot it happening again and manage to get a shot, that would be great :slightly_smiling_face: in the meantime, for which course does this occur for you and are you using an IME keyboard?


it has happened mainly to me JFS Year 7 Spanish Mira 1 express - by DanielSonenfeld - Memrise here and no I do not use a IME keyboard

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve tested this a few times and can’t seem to reproduce it. Do you have the latest version of Chrome installed? I will add this to the existing bug ticket in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face:


ok thanks for your help