Broken headers

Do you know that headers on the dashboard and review pages are currently broken?

Hey there, I can’t reproduce this I’m afraid.

Can you please try the following steps:

  • Please make sure AdBlock or Ad-blocking technology has been disabled

  • Clear cache and cookies

  • Ensure your browser is updated, and restart it

If all of the above fails, kindly let us know what browser you’re using and what your interface language is.


hi @ale_c ,

  • makes no difference,
  • problem both in latest Firefox and Edge, Dutch interface for browser, English for Memrise,
  • had no problems earlier this morning and did not change my configuration since then.

Edge without extensions:

Thanks for this. We have reverted a change that may have caused this. Can you check now and let me know if this still happens?

It’s back to normal. Thanks.

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And the problem has returned.

Apologies for that, we were using Dutch to test the rollout of new interface languages we support on the web to give our users a better experience. We have a few more that need to fill in before we go live, so we will shortly be disabling Dutch agian as an interface language until we can get them fixed

Een Nederlandse interface, dat is mooi!