Bot attack, temporary course creation disabled on

(Francis (Memrise)) #1


Just to say we’ve had to temporarily disable new course creation because of a large bot attack.

We’re working on a better fix, but don’t know the timescale. You should still be able to edit existing courses, and use all other features as normal.

Apologies, and thanks for your patience!

Web Squad, Memrise

Unable to Create a New Course
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Türkçe bilen var mı?
Course creation on Memrise now redirects to Decks
(Amanda Norrsken) #2

Maybe this should go in “Memrise announcements”?

(Lumilintu) #3

I still get an error message when trying to create a new course, directing me to this forum. Any idea when the feature will be back?

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(Olaf Rabbachin) #4

As stated elsewhere, please go through Decks as long as you can’t use Memrise to create new courses.

(Amanda Norrsken) #6

You can create courses on Decks, don’t worry! It’s all the same as on the old memrise site:

If you click on the website, you’ll see a big “Create a course” button at the top of the page. So you don’t need to go to anki after all.

(Ariegi) #7

As far as I know, courses created using decks are not working after all, there is an error popping up.


What error message are you seeing? I have just tried the course creation tool and it is working ok for me.

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(Memrise Support) #9

Hi all,

FYI, the “Create a course” button on now redirects to Decks. :slight_smile:

Read more about this here :point_right: Course creation on Memrise now redirects to Decks

Memrise team.

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