Bon Voyage A1 -Leçons Préliminaires et Chapitre 1

I noticed that with one of the words that came up it wasn’t in French or English. There was an Italian word in there and I am doing a French to English course.

Is this the right course?

No, it is Bon Voyage A1 -Leçons Préliminaires et Chapitre 1.



What is the word? (I don’t know any French or Italian.)

And hello @MaddishSci, can you have a look into this, please?

mm… not on the forums.

I’ve browsed through the course’s chapters - everything seems OK to me and it’s all FR<->EN.

It’s not a word that I would have included, although sometimes a French person might use basic words from another language. People in my part of the world sometimes say ‘gracias’ even though that and counting to four is probably the only Spanish they know. If it bothers you, set it to ignore.

Bon Voyage.