Bon jour! French course uncontinued

I already did three books and apparently this is the end of the course. What happened to the other levels? That is the end of the course? I know there are more than 50 books and this is just the third one. The thing is I have the complete collection, the issue is they don’t have excersises, so I found your page with exactly the same method (Vaughan) and I go alongside with them. That’s the reason a paid for. If there is a problem please contact the author.

The course you refer to ( → Link to the course) is a so-called community course. That means, Memrise didn’t create and doesn’t maintain it.
The author @lavyfgc doesn’t seem to have a forum account, so there is no way to contact her/him, I’m afraid.

If you have finished the course, I suggest you do a search for Vaughan based courses.
Here is a → search for spanish based courses containing vaughan or frances
Note that Memrise’s search-feature is quite bad, so you have no means to find courses that mention both words, so you might want to try the search with either expression seperately.

Hi there! That’s a bum! I subscribed only for this course I already have the books. However, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check.