Bogus follower / spam / sexual language

(Mr Cuesta) #1

I am a teacher and unfortunately, some of our students are being followed by bogus followers and receiving messages with sexual and inappropriate language. At the moment, we have stopped using memrise in our school because this is a safeguarding issue and that is a shame because our students won’t benefit from this great website. If memrise is used by schools, it should be completely safe
Is memrise thinking about adding the option of blocking followers or other measures in order to improve safety online?
Thank you

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

This is awful! Why don’t you add something about the sexual language in the headline?

That might attract attention better.

@Lien @MemriseMatty @BeaTrisy @Joshua

The above are all members of the memrise team (I think), so I hope my tagging them will get something happening double quick!

(Overlord Hydroptère) #3

??? your students have been contacted via these fora? PM in here? are all of them active users in here? unless youre speaking about mems (which “problem” was solved by almost ripping out the heart of memrise…) somehow your story does hold

(Lien) #4

Hi @MrCuesta,

I’m very sorry to hear you and your students have come across such inappropriate content.

My colleagues have traced all the profiles with inappropriate bio’s and cleared them accordingly.
The system they setup also prevents the future creation of similar profiles.

In the unlikely event you and/or your users still notice obscenities, please let us know straight away.

With regards to the messages, Memrise users can’t send each other messages via the Memrise website or apps. They can only do so via this third platform forum, that also offers the option to report and/or block fellow users.
Feel free to forward me the usernames of those sending or receiving these messages so we can look into it asap,

Best wishes,


(Mr Cuesta) #5

Hello Lien

Thank you for your quick answer.
I have been in contact with a few colleagues and apparently, it is not an unlikely event. This same problem is happening in a few schools in the UK. One of my students showed me a very obscene message that appeared on his screen during a lesson. I reported the username and I got an answer from Memrise saying that it was deleted.
But now, I am a bit confused, how can users get messages on their screens (with sexual content) if you are saying that it is not possible to send or receive messages?
Thank you again for looking into this issue.

Best wishes,


(Lien) #6

Hi MrCuesta,

To clarify, up until a couple of days ago it was indeed a widespread issue. With our recently implemented fix however, the vast majority of these should have vanished.

Thanks for elaborating on the messages. As it sounds, they’re not actual messages but bio’s in the users’ profiles i.e. a short introduction about themselves, which was being abused to advertise improper services with links to websites alike.

If you still notice such content after today, please let me know so we can eliminate those too.

I hope this is helpful. Apologies again.

Best wishes,


(Mr Cuesta) #7

Hello Lien

Today, a whole class of students came to see me and showed me more bogus followers:

This are only a few ones. Please can you be sure that these users are deleted. Is the new fix implemented working properly in order to avoid the creation of users with these names?

Thank you

(Spocki) #8

@lien www.ssе This one is following me. Thanks for removing!

(Miss M Heaton) #9

Hi, we also have an issue with students being followed by
Can this user be removed, or do we need to disable Memrise for our students?


(C Williamson) #10

Does anyone know if this problem is now fixed? SLT at our school won’t allow us to use memrise until I can confirm that students won’t encounter these inappropriately named followers at all.

(Memrise Matty) #11

The above spam accounts have since been removed. We actively monitor the Memrise platform for spam related content, and will remove any deemed by us as being “Inappropriate”.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to guarantee you will never encounter an inappropriate name again. Being a platform which contains user generated content (such as usernames) it’s possible you may be exposed to a piece of Inappropriate content.

Please see our terms & conditions and privacy policy for more information on User Content on Memrise [8].

(Uchiha Lucky) #12

I want to contact developers privately @MemriseMatty


A bunch of these spammers have now attached themselves to my profile. Naturally I’m delighted that anyone on the world wide web can find my publicly available profile and check out all the links to underage sex sites.

Why isn’t it possible to remove or block these parasites yet? Every other social site I’ve used with a following/followers mechanism automatically removes followers when you hit the block button. But Memrise doesn’t have a block button.

[Feature Request] Block follower

Hi @MemriseMatty, @MemriseSupport, @codinghorror

I, too, have found a number of these ‘followers’ linking to the domain. The relevant Memrise usernames are:


It’s really time you got to grips with this and found a lasting solution, chaps!

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For real. At the very least there should be a follower approval mechanism. I’d like to make my profile private and block followers altogether actually.

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #16

Can you get rid of these stinking sadists:
They are using following to advertise their savagery! :rage:
DELETE THEM AND CHUCK THEM IN A BLACK HOLE!!:rage::rage::rage: please



The domain is blocked by at ISP level so I’m assuming it contains illegal (abusive/underage) content.

If there is a flag that will make my profile private and stop people following me then please enable it immediately. It’s not like user profiles here have any worthwhile social value anymore since most of the interesting features were nuked.

(Baite) #18

100% agree. Created a feature request. A voting/review system for users/mem-s might also a good idea for weeding out the bad and the ugly from between the good.


I’ve just commented in the feature request thread. I think it’s a really good idea. I’m not sure about the voting/review system, but maybe that’s because I’m a jaded gamer and have seen that kind of thing abused by factions within online communities. It certainly warrants further discussion.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #20

I disagree… do not wish to see users classified. I wonder how much time some peeps have on their hands to even notice “spam followers”…

also, so many “regulars” and “leaders” and blabla did not even notice what Lien made public on her profile and wrote also privately to some of us. She is not working at Memrise anymore, stop shouting at her…