BIlling bug, unnending charges

I believe there has been a massive bug with my account.
Back in 2017 I bought a year subscription of Pro and later on cancelled it.
However back in 2018 (may) I was charged again for it?? And I didn’t even had the pro features in my account. It was a ghost charge in my credit card.
Honestly, I felt like I was robbed lol.
Staff didn’t answer my e-mails so I opened a dispute. The credit card company gave my money back, but it was a huge nuisance. And now in 2019 (may) I was charged again?? (and again, no changes in my account)
Do I have to delete my account or something?
All I want is to delete my credit card information from the website and get my money back. I don’t want to open another dispute. This is awful.
Please! someone from staff help me! :<



I hope someone on the team can sort this out.

Sorry to hear this!

It looks like your cancelation did not come through (correctly) and you were charged.

We have now refunded the most recent subscription and canceled future payments :+1:


I have the same problem. Got deduction followed your process by auto response, no refund even my subscription is cancelled where you say that it will continue till end of cycle.

Hello, I have the exact same problem, how did you manage to fix it?

I asked for a refund to the support
Then cancelled my credit card so it dont happen again

And they gave it to you? On my side they are refusing.

Well yes. I explained the situation in detail. I actually canceled my plan months before. And showed the screens hots of the service being canceled and showed it was clearly a bug