Biblical Hebrew

I do not have the nikkud system for the onscreen keyboard. How do I type in the vowels? Thank you.

hi NanBennet23,

Maybe you could try this keyboard download.


Type vocalized Hebrew easily with TeqNikud.

Thank you but I am on mac. I did figure out how to get the Hebrew keyboard with nikkud. I am having a problem with the word for he sent. Here is what I type in and it marks it wrong when I put in the lamed but the lamed is there. שָלַח. Where is my mistake? Thank you.


The link is broken…

Maybe it is this link:

hi camhammiam,
oh sorry,
thanks for the new link!

Here’s what I use. It’s very intuitive, and Mac allows for a keyboard display. It only took me about a day of practice and now i don’t even use the keyboard viewer anymore.

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