Beta issue: how to check flashcard after answering a question correctly?

Because the beta will be out in a month, I enabled it to familiarize with the new UI.

Currently one issue I encountered is that, the “see answer” button from the old UI is missing in the beta version. In the beta version, before answering a question, there is a “I don’t know” button to see the flashcard, but after correctly answering the question, the button will become “correct”, and there seems no way to check the flashcard before proceeding to the next question.

For me, the use case for the “see answer” button is that, while I can correctly remember the answer to the question, as the flashcard may have much more information than the answer itself, I may want to review the other aspects of a flashcard instead of just reviewing the answer, and it can strengthen my memory on the on the specific flashcard. For example, a course I am currently learning is to memorize all the countries in the world. Instead of just answering the country name, sometimes I want to see the flashcard for other information as well, such as its capital, its flag and so on.


Hopefully the developers and admins see this. I miss this feature.

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Hi @homeworkaholic

Not a solution, but if you learn or reviewed by “Level”, after completing a session you could do a “Preview”.

Some courses (if set up with Attributes to display) will flash up some information once answered correctly.