Best strategy for completed courses?

(Chadcf) #1

I just completed the first course out of 7 for Spanish. Now that it’s completed I’m a bit confused about the best strategy to move forward. Obviously I need to keep what I’ve already learned fresh in memory or I’ll probably forget some of the lesser quizzed later words. But I also need to at some point go on to the next course. How do people balance that? It seems like it would be VERY time consuming if I continue to review each course I completed as well as attempt to advance to new courses. I can’t imagine getting to course 7 and trying to complete that while still regularly reviewing courses 1-6!

How do people approach this?

(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

But that’s the way it works. Once I finish the official course series, I go on to more advanced vocabulary or a “5000 most common words” course (all community courses). While doing that, I still repeat the finished courses. Usually I do so when there is at least 20 words in the rep queue. Over time, the count of repetitions will lessen, sometimes to a point where I wonder when there’ll be some words in the queue again.

But yes, it takes time and devotion, I suppose. :yum: