Best non-Memrise courses for learning as much Japanese as possible?

I don’t want to use Memrise courses because they don’t have mems which makes learning much harder. But there are so many random Japanese courses listed on the course pages. I want something that allows me to learn linearly.

I already know all of the Katakana and Hiragana. I just want to learn Kanji and full Japanese words/sentences. But the courses are so unorganized I can’t find a good group of linear courses to follow.

Hi, HylianGoat.

I’d recommend starting with these courses, personally, depending on your level (N5 is the easiest level, and N1 is the hardest):

JLPT N5 Vocab
JLPT N4 Vocab
JLPT N3 Vocab (with audio)

There are companion courses to each of them as well, to test the items in different directions, if you’re interested:

JLPT N5 Readings
JLPT N4 Readings
JLPT N3 Readings

After I finished with these courses, I decided to take the plunge on creating my own courses from vocabulary that I collect from manga/video games, but there are courses for N2 and N1 vocabulary as well that I haven’t personally taken.

A few other courses that might be of help:

These are the first three courses I took on Memrise, but you may want to skip them if you already know kana. There is some vocab too though, and some example sentences in the last one:

Introduction to Japanese
Katakana Enhanced
Learn Basic Japanese

The kanji course I took, which I highly recommend:

2136 Jōyō Kanji by Grade

A kanji radical course, which I actually took a while after finishing the above course, but it may be beneficial to take this one first:

Japanese Kanji Radicals

And finally, a nice start on grammar, if you haven’t already learned the early concepts:

A Guide to Japanese Grammar - Tae Kim

These are just my suggestions, but I’ve benefited quite a bit from each of these in my studies. I hope it helps, and feel free to ask if you have any questions about them! :smile:


What a well done list. Thank you very much for this!


Here’s the collection of course I created and uploaded last year:

Suggested Guide for Japanese Literacy

Total of 16 courses that cover Kana, Kanji, Grammar and Vocabulary.

Since I can’t edit archived posts, I keep an updated list here on this thread.


I just created vocabulary and grammar courses for Japanese (with audio), you can find them here:
JLPT N2 Vocab
JLPT N2 Grammar

JLPT N1 Vocab

I also made for N3 and N5 (the audio is better than the other courses, but it I am still correcting some things)
JLPT N3 Vocab
JLPT N3 Grammar

JLPT N5 Vocab
JLPT N5 Grammar