Best Hindi self study course on Memrise

I want to learn Hindi, because I am going to India for three months, starting somewhere next year.

I see number of Hindi courses. I don’t have a book and no knowledge of language or script - I even don’t know hello, yes or no.

What would be a good suggestion for a Memrise course to start?

I’ve tried to search if there was similar topic, but couldn’t find it. And thank you all as usual!

Hi John,

I suggest getting a copy of Rupert Snell’s “Teach Yourself Hindi Complete”. The audio files are excellent and it will take you a long way. He also has a companion volume for learning Devanagari script, which will greatly add to your understanding and general ability to understand both the spoken and written language. The podcast covers a lot of the same material but is much more relaxed in tone - is taken from Snell’s book and is well-constructed. The lessons follow the chapters, so don’t feel pressured to complete the entire course.


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Late reply - Thank you! Trying it now.

Follow up Reply:

I discovered that Ruperts Snell’s book comes roughly in two flavors:

    1. the complete beginners to internmediate one - first unit is about meeting Pratap
    1. the beginners one - first unit is about being in the areoplane
  1. Two editions: A blue book 2003 edition, "Teach Yourself Hindi Complete Course"by Rupert Snell et al. (But the word ‘Complete Course’ is actually not in the title)

This is a course that teaching that vocab on:

I have the book and can confirm that level 1 exactly follows the blue book.

A white book 2011 or 2014 ‘Complete Hindi (Teach Yourself)’

  1. A Grey book (man with umbrella) - only one edition 2003/2004
    [“Teach Yourself Beginner’s Hindi (Teach Yourself Beginner’s Languages) by Rupert Snell (2003-11-28)”] (

The courese you suggested is for this Beginners book (the intro to the course says ‘complete’ which is not correct).

I think the following are also from the BEGINNERS Hindi, but I don’t own the book, so difficult to verify: (I think the pic is NOT of the book of the vocab in this course). (says ‘complete’ but vocab is different from the white and blue book)
And to be complete, of course the one you suggested: