Best Courses?

Hi there. I just wanted to see what your best courses are, by that I mean. What course do you have the most point on for you? The course where I have achieved the most points is Korean 1. With currently 164,000 this week.!

And 1,633,000 all time! Not bad for an official course, eh? Please show your achievements for glory (and bragging rights). :smirk:.

I don’t know for sure but my best course is Duits 1 (German 1 for Dutch speaking persons) with 700.172 points.

I’m not sure which course I have the most points in, but I’m pretty sure I’m 1st/2nd in around 10-20 courses.

I really must start that Korean 1 course, I was struggling with learning Korean last year, but since getting a lot further with Japanese, Korean appears to be a lot easier.
Although, I’m still finding the pronunciations of some words really hard/confusing.

And congrats on that many points @MarshallLanguages , I’m sure you’ll be in the top 10 in no time. :slight_smile:


I would say my Periodic Table course (which will be public after the summer holidays :sunny::yum:)
I have 1,159,018 points on that at this moment