Beginner's Icelandic by Longing4thepast - a question

A question about the audio for the course: does it really have to be of such different quality everywhere? I just started the course and e.g. “að enda” is pronounced so quietly you can barely hear it, but right after that comes “þetta” which sounds like somebody is shooting me in the head, not like an actual word. Adjusting volume just doesn’t work.
Maybe somebody can spoil me: does the rest of the course sound so ummm versatile?

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I totally know what you mean!!! I am learning Swedish, mostly using the courses created by “sehiralti”, and the same problem exists there, too. There is one guy - named Shouty Man by me - whose recordings are way too loud and if you are using headphones - as I sometimes do - then having someone suddenly YELL a word into your ear was not pleasant.

I have replaced some of the audio on sehiralti’s Swedish courses for this reason.

I would assume that the person who found the audio might have used “forvo” and not had too many pronunciations to choose from. The quality of the recordings lies with the source, not with the course creator or with memrise for that matter.

I would recommend that you go and have a look at

(you will have to sign up if you want to download anything to your own devices, by the way) and see if the recordings on the Icelandic course you are using are in fact from forvo.

It is possible - once you are signed up - to ask for a new pronunciation. If you are lucky and not one or two of the 300,000 Icelanders knows about forvo, you might be able to get a second - and hopefully better - pronunciation mp3 to download and then upload.

Your next step would have to be to ask someone at memrise (maybe Lien) if you could be made a course creator and then you could replace the poor audio with better quality recordings.

I hope this helps!

It looks indeed like forvo was the source for the audio files, at least now I have an explanation, thanks :slight_smile:

it indeed was the source, since I couldn’t afford higher quality

i’d love to say that one day i will update the audio but that would be a false promise

That “þetta” is particularly volatile, especially on earphones, but it’s the only pronunciation on Forvo :frowning:

Hello, @Longing4thepast!
If I may post another question for the same course (I will delete the question if it’s not ok):

How do I know if for “(singular) you” the answer is þú or þér?

I updated the entry for “þér” to “(dative singular) you”. Tell me if the change went through please, I haven’t opened that datatbase for almost 6 years it feels like

It’s working, thank you @Longing4thepast!