Beginner Spoken Irish: Buntus Cainte 1-20 Problem with a correct answer not being accepted

(Steffanie S) #1

I’m at level 20, and have typed the exact correct answer more than ten times, but it continues to be marked wrong and won’t let me pass this point. I am supposed to type, “Níl a fhios agam, ach bhí siad ag caint leis na múinteoirí, agus le buachaill freisin.” It thinks I am making a mistake on the “le” before “buachaill”.

Has anyone else experienced this? And, if so, how did you overcome it?

(Steffanie S) #2

In order to post this question, I had copied and pasted the correct answer here. It was the same as I had typed every time I was marked wrong. When I went back to try again, I used the copy/paste feature to fill in the answer instead of typing directly. This worked! I don’t know why. If anyone else has this problem, try copy/paste.

(Leggi) #3

Do you know if the creator of the course is active on Memrise? There are ways and means of getting items checked and fixed but it’s not quick or easy!

It could have something to do with accents or strict typing settings. Could you be missing out an accent when typing? Without strict typing you can use no accents for a ‘correct’ answer, but if you use one you have to include them all to be marked correct,

The ignore function is very worth using in these odd cases where there’s a problem with the input, it saves a lot of time and stress and faffing and ignoring the odd item isn’t detrimental.

(Steffanie S) #4

I don’t know if they are active on Memrise. It’s a shame there isn’t a way to report problems. I wasn’t missing an accent. I am using an Irish keyboard. At any rate, the problem keeps coming up, so I am using copy/paste as a work-around. Once the correct answer is displayed, I copy/paste it to get past this problem. It’s not a great solution, but at least I can keep moving forward.

(Mrnorton22) #5

I had a similar issue in the BC course but was able to get by somehow in mobile.