Beginner ♪: Spoken Irish 01-20: Buntús Cainte "Whoops! Listening Skills couldn’t load" error message

Description of the issue: While doing Beginner ♪: Spoken Irish 01-20: Buntús Cainte, every time I select “listening skills” I get a “Whoops! Listening Skills couldn’t load: For some reason Listening Skills couldn’t load. This might be because there aren’t enough items with audio in your review list. Why not go back and rack up some more items in learn?” error message. This was working fine for the last few weeks and just started.

Your device and browser details: MacBook Air - Chrome (up to date)

Description of steps to reproduce the issue: For the last 2 days all I need to do is click “listening skills”

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Hi @jdsully8, I can see that unfortunately the course creator hasn’t added audio clips for all items which can cause this error on Listening Skills. We’ve contacted the creator to review this post, though I’m afraid we can’t guarantee a response.

“Whoops! Listening Skills couldn’t load”
I am having the same issue even though the database has all its elements containing the audio files. Any other issues to look for for this type of error message? Shall I just go ahead and start a new topic or bug report?.. Thank you in advance for the help.