Beginner questions

So I’ve been using memrise for the past week roughly. and while i definitely enjoy the app, i feel like I’m not retaining the information as well as i should. any thoughts on how to better remember the content? I’m also looking for a more primary means of learning Japanese. I’ve been relying on memrise by itself to teach me but i understand that will only get me so far. I’m probably going to keep using memrise for vocab and study the main material the most. this is the first time I’m taking learning Japanese seriously so I’m kind of an absolute beginner. any ideas are appreciated.

Hi! I’m a beginner too, but I want to share what’s been helping me so far.

I’m not sure what you’re needing help retaining, but when it comes to the characters, I’m having more trouble with those. I’ve been using this guy’s extremely helpful method to learn and retain the characters.

Otherwise, Chris-desu has some suggestions for learning Japanese as well; I really enjoy him.

I hope one of these helps you, at least a little bit.


I’ve actually been watching chris for awhile now and have been trying to take his advice on learning. but most of what he talks about in his video is for people who are more advanced than i am it seems. also the tofugu link you sent will be very helpful. ive been looking for something like this for awhile but the ones i find are usually asking for money after a free trial.

Have you seen Nukemarine’s resource list and study guide for learning Japanese? You may find some of his suggestions and links helpful: [Course Forum] Suggested Guide for Japanese Literacy (SGJL) course series

actually ive never seen that list before. ive seen nukemarine around the forums for sometime and looked into a couple of his courses. but i never noticed this list before.