Beginner Greek FULL AUDIO

Hi people. Is there anyone here who’s still involved in this course, as an administrator or contributor? There are quite a few errors and, especially, redundant entries (i.e. the same words repeated multiple times). I’m hoping these errors can be fixed and the course cleaned up.


Unfortunately it seems @therealxplkqlkcassia isn’t on this forum (someone who is registered will appear in grey like this, @SuperKCM I would perhaps suggest applying to become a course contributor over in although I also suggest reading READ ME: Abandoned Course Requests before attempting to do so, I’m sorry if this answer isn’t quite what you’re looking for but I hope it helps !


Thanks for the reply, SuperKCM. Yes, I’ll think over your suggestions. It’s still a popular course, despite all the errors, and I’m not sure what to do. Thanks again! D.

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I also note that the audio is almost impossible to hear sometimes. Definitely a problem with sound quality. I know this is a community language, but it makes the app a challenge to use.